Here's the idea. On October 28th, (time still to be determined but going to shoot for an early morning CST) I am attempting to host a Cyber TeachMeet. TeachMeet is a really unique experience. People who have been to TeachMeet like to call it the unconference. TeachMeet (un)conferences happen all over the world. They are put on by teachers, for teachers, at no cost. This cyber version of TeachMeet will be conducted through Skype and Ustream. I will project my computer on a screen and Ustream it for others to watch. Folks wanting to participate can edit this wiki (no need to join wikispaces - just click the edit link) and write down how long they want to share/present. Sharers/Presenters can choose to just talk, or share their screen and walk us through a site, presentition, whatever. The focus of Cyber TeachMeet is to improve our teaching skills. It does not have to be technology focused, but it does need to be education based. Are you interested?

5 minute share session

7 minute share session

10 minute share session

15 minute share session

Contact me: @edutechsmith via twitter and skype, - email